PR Points

We produce its own brand of chalk, blackboards and whiteboards. We have developed an automatic laser ruler line drawing system to replace the manual drawing of ruler lines. We also produce original boards that have sharp, fine lines (0.2mm~etc).


Whiteboard There are two types of enamel finish made with paint finish made to the specifications of steel surface.We offer four series by pricegrade,function and design.There is also a non-reflective products(UM borad series).
DC Chalk Deluxe “DC Chalk Deluxe”is often covered by the media. High density calcium chalk were made of pure carbon. Bright colored, smooth writing, non-toxic, tasteless, hard to break, effectively prevent scattering of dust sweeping movements. Each chalk were wrapped in a film to keep hands clean.
DIGI-ANA BOARD It is the product corresponding to ‘Shot Note’ for applications.You can either delivered or saved as a document by shooting in smart phone letters and pictures which you wrote to the plate surface.
Mirror board You can use it in dance classes compulsory in junior high school. In order to ensure safety of the highest priority, and is made of resin mirror is not broken .It’s the whiteboard on the back.
Whiteboard Laser print We have realized “beautiful,” “easy,” and “permanent” line drawing processing technologies through our unique “laser line drawing system.” This system allows customers to create original forms. We have achieved ultimate permanent line drawing systems.
Our Products ⇒ ☆Manufacture and sale of chalk and board erasers
☆Manufacture and sale of whiteboards, blackboards, direction boards,
☆bulletin boards, panels, etc
☆Manufacture and sale of office supplies and stationary
☆Manufacture and sale of banners, flags, signboards and advertising materials
☆Business activities and installation work related to the above