Outline of Umajirushi Corporation


Since 1896

PR Points We produce its own brand of chalk, blackboards and whiteboards. We have developed an automatic laser ruler line drawing system to replace the manual drawing of ruler lines. We also produce original boards that have sharp, fine lines (0.2mm~etc).
Product 1
There are two types of enamel finish made with paint finish made to the specifications of steel surface.We offer four series by pricegrade,function and design.There is also a non-reflective products(UM borad series).
Product 2

DC Chalk Deluxe

“DC Chalk Deluxe”is often covered by the media. High density calcium chalk were made of pure carbon. Bright colored, smooth writing, non-toxic, tasteless, hard to break, effectively prevent scattering of dust sweeping movements. Each chalk were wrapped in a film to keep hands clean.
Product 3


It is the product corresponding to ‘Shot Note’ for applications.You can either delivered or saved as a document by shooting in smart phone letters and pictures which you wrote to the plate surface.
Product 4

Mirror board

You can use it in dance classes compulsory in junior high school. In order to ensure safety of the highest priority, and is made of resin mirror is not broken .It’s the whiteboard on the back.
Technology 5
Whiteboard Laser print
We have realized “beautiful,” “easy,” and “permanent” line drawing processing technologies through our unique “laser line drawing system.” This system allows customers to create original forms. We have achieved ultimate permanent line drawing systems.
Our Products⇒ ☆Manufacture and sale of chalk and board erasers
☆Manufacture and sale of whiteboards, blackboards, direction boards,
☆bulletin boards, panels, etc
☆Manufacture and sale of office supplies and stationary
☆Manufacture and sale of banners, flags, signboards and advertising materials
☆Business activities and installation work related to the above


About Us

Company name UMAJIRUSHI Co., Ltd.
Location Headquarters
〒 454-0011
3-16-27, Sanno, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya-city
Phone number ( 052 ) 322-2811 ( Key number )
Fax ( 052 ) 322-3344
Tokyo branch
〒 130-0004
4-12-1 Honsho, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Phone number ( 03 ) 3626-5425   Fax ( 03 ) 3626-5426
Osaka branch
〒 577-0013
5-2-14 Nagatanaka, Higashi-Osaka-city
TEL ( 06 ) 6746-0721   Fax ( 06 ) 6746-0723
Komaki factory
〒 485-0084
725 Irukade-shinden, Ohaza, Komaki-city
Phone number ( 0568 ) 73-6071 ( Key number )
Fax ( 0568 ) 73-6815
Business Initiation September, 1896
Establishment June 18 th , 1973
Capital 50 million yen
Description of business Manufacturer:Whiteboard,Noticeboard,Greenboard,Blackboard,Chalk etc…
Director President
Yasutoshi Kato
Contact us toiawase@uma-jirushi.co.jp


Corporate History

September 1896 Sugitaro Kato, founding President, initiated the Kato chalk factory in Ikeda-cho, Naka-ku, Nagoya-city, starting the sale of school chalk under the brand name of UMAJIRUSHI.
June 1933 Yonosuke Kato took over the operation from Sugitaro Kato, and made effort in exporting along with domestic sales, exporting school chalk, blackboards 、 and slates to Manchuria, China, and Southeastern Asian countries.
March 1945 Headquarters and factories were burned down due to the war.
October 1947 Reconstruction was made at Higashide, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya-city
March 1955 Relocation was made within Higashide due to road expansion program. New factory was built.
March 1956 Applied for JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) for our factory.
April 1959 Acquired JIS for our factory, stepping up exports as well as domestic sales.
June 1959 Started production of wooden blackboards for North America markets.
March 1961 Started manufacture and sale of wooden blackboards for domestic market.
April 1970 Placed emphasis on domestic sales and started manufacture and sale of stainless steel blackboards.
April 1971 The present Chairman, Senichi Kato took over operations from Yonosuke Kato, and embarked on the modernization of business management, and also started the manufacture and sale of large sized blackboards for schools.
August 1971 Started production of whiteboards
June 1973 Reorganization took place and the name was changed from Kato chalk factory to UMAJIRUSHI Co., Ltd.
May 1974 Increased capital to 8 million yen
October 1976 Increased capital to 16 million yen
November 1976 Constructed new and advanced Komaki factory at 725 Irukade-shinden, Ohaza, Komaki-city, mainly for the production of blackboards
February 1978 Applied for JIS again because of the relocation of factory
May 1978 Acquired JIS for the chalk production factory
October 1979 Acquired JIS for the blackboard production factory
January 1982 Increased capital to 32 million yen
June 1982 Increased capital to 38.4 million yen. Embarked on the construction of a headquarters building
February 1983 Completed the construction of the headquarters building
September 1984 Opened Yokohama branch
January 1986 Completed enlargement of Komaki factory
January 1992 Completed construction of a building used for office work at Komaki factory
December 1994 Developed and launched an innovative line-drawing method using laser, in which lines are not erasable
October 1995 Opened Tokyo branch ( merging Yokohama branch )
September 1996 Centennial
November 1996 Opened Osaka branch
January 1997 Increased capital to 50 million yen
October 2000 Acquired ISO9001
September 2002 Senichi Kato, former President, was named Chairman, Yasutoshi Kato became President
November 2002 Acquired ISO9001 certification ( 2000 version )
March 2004 UMAJIRUSHI was given ”Aichi Brand Company” Certification (Aichi Prefecture certification number 010) as one of 59 manufacturing companies in Aichi prefecture that boast unique technology and are top-notch enterprises with a nation-wide standard.
July 2005 “Team minus 6%” participation
September 2006 Establishment 110th anniversary